Peggy Liu making China greener through JUCCCE

Today let’s hear about a woman who has the courage to stand up and do great things for the Earth: Peggy Liu. She is the Chairperson of JUCCCE (Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy), which was founded in April 2007. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way China creates and uses energy. The organization was launched out of the MIT Forum on the Future of Energy in China held in Shanghai, where JUCCCE is also now based. It is a non-profit incubator of cleantech and energy efficiency capacity building institution initiatives seeking to serve in China.

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Based on the observation that China’s rapid development has it compressing 30 years of industrialization in the space of ten, JUCCCE has set itself a ten year mandate to create a legacy of self-sustaining, local capabilities. JUCCCE’s philosophies are three fundamental observations: the need to accelerate information flow need for integrated urban planning and need to strengthen supply chains.

Peggy Liu’s hub culture interview


Peggy Liu, a former McKinsey management consultant and COO of Mustang Ventures was a Time magazine Hero of the Environment in 2008 and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2009.  She is an energy adviser to the Clinton Global Initiative. In her professional career, she has served as a venture capitalist in Shanghai, and early Internet pioneer in Silicon Valley, a management consultant, and a software programmer. Her work touches on energy smart cities, green consumer lifestyle, educating students on energy, rural sustainability and smart grid, and better platforms for collaboration.

Prior to JUCCCE, Liu was an early-stage venture capitalist in Shanghai. In the 1990s, she was an Internet executive and pioneer in Silicon Valley, founding one of the earliest business-to-consumer e-commerce websites, Channel A, and a key executive at several other Internet companies. She has a BSc from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She has been in non-profit leadership positions for most of her life, and aspires to improve humanity’s living standards through technology.

Three years after JUCCCE was established, she has already trained 600 Chinese mayors on how to make their cities more environmentally sound, brought in international experts to teach Chinese utilities how to devise a more energy-efficient electrical grid and distributed 130,000 energy-saving light bulbs.

Who is her role model?

I am sure that after reading so much about her work and accomplishments, you would definitely want to know who is her role model. It is not surprising where she got so much talent. Peggy’s father is former President of the Acer Group Leonard Liu, who owned the highest position as an American-Chinese in IBM history. He also opened for Acer a new and highly successful sales channel. According to one of her interview, she mentioned that her father  “always has ideas and is a natural businessman. He can give expert advice on whatever I plan to do.” Not only that, her father always reminds her that it take big ambitious to achieve greatness.

On the day that she founded JUCCCE, she specified its goals of making JUCCCE a non-government non-profit environmental protection organization whose aim is to accelerate China’s greening and ameliorate the influence of global climate change. She is determined to make notable achievements within ten years. In addition, her mother is also a talented painter and keen gardener and cook. She opened the three Vietnamese restaurants in Shanghai ten years ago that were first in China to include Vietnamese pho on the menu.

 10 Years Goal

Peggy has no clear personal goals for the end of the next decade.  She said in one of her interview that: “I think what I will become is no longer important. Life is a journey. As long you are on a boat, just go with the flow. Most important is what you leave to the world.”

So what are you going to leave to the world after you are gone from this world? Let’s start making some differences in your community now. 


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